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The planning for the 2019 - 2020 Washington D.C. trip has begun! It is our hope that this experience will significantly add to our students’ appreciation of history, heritage, government and diversity.  The 8th graders will be traveling to To Washington D.C. Tuesday, May 26 - Friday, May 29, 2020.  Trip cost of $585.00 will be made directly to Martin School Travel.  Payments cannot be made until after the first parent meeting in September, 2019 in order to gain greater understanding of payment schedule and process as well as fundraising opportunities. 

From now until May 26, 2020 you will find announcements and payment schedules for the upcoming D.C. field trip at this site.  I will be posting the date of our first parent information meeting in the near future!!   You must attend this meeting if you intend to send your student to Washington D.C.!!! There are many important details that must be completed before we leave.  For example:  If you do not turn in a permission slip, you are not on the trip!!!  Stay informed and up to date by checking this site weekly.  Scroll down to find all future announcements.  Thanks.

DC Trip Coordinator
Payment Schedule: Payments will be made online at a site provided by Martin School Travel.  The site will be given to each student by their Social Studies Teacher on the day they turn in their signed permission slip!!

Important Updates!!

April 23, 2020  Washington D.C.  Answered Questions


There have been three specific questions asked in regards to the cancellation of the Washington D. C. trip: 

1.  Because we were forced to cancel the trip due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, why won't Martin Travel refund the $100.00 deposit?

 -  The initial deposit was actually a $200.00 payment with half ($100.00) being non-refundable.  Further questions about the deposit should be directed to Martin School Travel at (859) 519-0122.  It was initially suggested that the $200.00 payment was non-refundable, when it was pointed out that on the We Travel payment site , it clearly states that $100.00 of the first payment was non-refundable.

2.  Why could we not postpone the trip and go in the summer or fall?

-  the decision to cancel instead of postponing the trip is due to the Governor's uncertainty as to when school will resume, and the uncertainty as to whether or not Washington D.C.'s monuments and museums will be available to large groups such as ours even into next fall.

3.  What happens to the fundraising money?

-  Fundraising monies paid to Martin School Travel will be returned to Canal Winchester Local Schools and returned to the Washington D. C. Student Activity Account.  In accordance with Ohio School Law, fundraising money must be used for the specific purpose for which it was raised.  I did inquire as to whether or not the money could be used to cover the deposit payments, but was informed that this action was not permitted since we are not going on the trip.  If you have a 6th or 7th grade student in the middle school, that might be attending the D.C. trip in the future, that money raised can be used to fund their trip when they get to the 8th grade. Please inform Mr. Phillips of student names for record keeping purposes.  Further questions about fundraising money can be answered by our District Treasurer Nicholas Roberts. 




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